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Dries Depoorter
Born in Belgium
Living online in Ghent

About me


I’m a media artist and a freelance concept provider living online in Belgium. I’ve got a background in electronics and studied Media Arts in Ghent. Most of my work is about the internet, privacy, online identity and surveillance.

Dries Depoorter

Scrollable Summary of my work:

In Tinder In I placed side by side profile pictures of LinkedIn & Tinder of the same person. Series existing out of 10 photo frames.


With my Scratch Tickets  you can win up to 25.000 followers for your personal Twitter or Instagram account!



I made also a vending machine and online shop where you can buy them.



In my interactive installation named Jaywalking you can report realtime a jaywalker somewhere on the world.



In my installation Seattle Crime Cams you can watch live a crime in Seattle using live surveillance and police data.



With my Trophy Camera you can only make award wining pictures with the use of artificial intelligence.



In my work Flipside Audio you can connect your headphone to the earth and listen realtime to the other side of the world where there is a microphone.


Small browser extension named Non Views that replaces the amount of views on a YouTube into the amount of people that didn’t watch the video in the world.