The Flemish Scrollers, 2021

Automatically tagging Belgian politician when they use their phone on the daily livestreams. With the help of AI.

The Lookout, 2021

Control unprotected CCTV cameras with a Playstation controller.

Shortlife, 2020-2021

Clock showing how much % of your life is completed.

24h Sunrise/Sunset, 2020-2021

Installation showing 24h/7 a realtime sunset and sunrise with the use of CCTV, 2020

Quick Fix, 2019-2021

Machine selling likes and followers

Jaywalking Frames, 2018-2021

Jaywalkers sold for the price of the fine.

Die With Me, 2018-2021

Chat app you can only use when you have less than 5% battery.

Get Popular Vending Machine, 2016-2021

Vending machine selling scratch tickets to win followers.

Jaywalking, 2015-2021

Interactive installation where you can report jaywalkers.

Surveillance Speaker, 2018-2021

Rotating camera that describes what it sees with the use of AI.