Dries Depoorter is an artist, speaker and concept provider.


Dries Depoorter is a Belgium artist that handles themes as privacy, artificial intelligence, surveillance & social media. Depoorter creates interactive installations, apps, games.

His latest project is named: Die With Me, the chatroom app you can only use when your phone have less than 5% battery. 
Depoorter studied electronics for six years before making the switch to art-school.

Depoorter exhibited internationally recently at the Barbican, MUTEK Festival, Art Basel, Bozar, Para Site Hong Kong, Mozilla The Glass Room San Francisco, HEK, IDFA Doclab, Mundaneum, FOMU, Ars Electronica, Athens Digital Art Festival, Art Soutterain, STRP festival, Heidelberger Kunstverein.

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Recent talks: TEDx Brussels, SXSW Austin, Mutek Montreal, KIKK-festival, STRP festival, Internet Week Denmark, Future Flux Festival, GetXoPhoto, Night By Us

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concept provider:

working as a freelance concept provider focused on digital. Worked for clients: Amazon, Toyota, Nivea & Carlsberg

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