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Dries Depoorter
Born in Belgium
Living online in Ghent

About me


Media artist and concept provider Dries Depoorter attracts worldwide attention with media installations that prove how innovations such as facial recognition and the Internet of Things can turn against you. Do you want to report a jaywalker when it suits you, or literally peak over the shoulder of the Seattle police force through a webcam?


Assembling, sharing and experimenting with private data of himself and random people found on the internet, digital artist Dries Depoorter tackles in a thought-provoking way issues like social identity, big data sharing, encryption and (the lack of) protection of our online privacy.


Depoorter studied electronics for six years before making the switch to media arts at the KASK School of Arts Ghent, where he graduated in 2015. His interactive media installations have been presented worldwide.


Depoorter exhibited internationally at the Barbican, Mutek Festival, Bozar, IDFA Doclab, Mundaneum. FOMU, Ars Electronica, Athens Digital Art Festival, Art Soutterain,..And he did talks for important media-art festivals: KIKK-festival, STRP festival, Internet Week Denmark, Future Flux Festival, GetXoPhoto,Night By Us, CPH transform Copenhagen

I did 4 privacy experiments around myself 24hsoundwave, Here, Screenshot a day, Copy – memory. In those experiments I share sensitive information about myself for a certain time. Later I investigate in privacy of others in projects like Trojan Offices, Sheriff Software, TinderInSeattle Crime Cams, Jaywalking

Dries Depoorter Copenhagen