Seattle Crime Cams, 2015

Installation trying to show you a realtime crime.

Seattle Crime Cams turns us into ultimate long-distance disaster tourists.In this city, which is filled to the brim with traffic cameras, the police make the calls they receive available online. Using the location of the latest call, the closest live online traffic camera are showed.

Seattle Crime Cams first checks the location of the latest emergency caller in Seattle. (this real-time 911 information is freely available on the web) After it knows the location of this potential “crime scene” it searches for the closest realtime surveillance and shows them. Through the speakers you hear live police radio.

V1 was made in 2015 with the help of IDFA DocLab and De Brakke Grond. 
V2 was made in 2022 together with New Media Gallery in Vancouver for the exhibition “Eyewitness”. . The exhibitions runs from Feb 5 – Mar 30, 2022. The software is rewritten and the look and feel is adjusted.  

commissioned by

  • IDFA Doclab
  • de Brakke Grond