Surveillance Speaker, 2018-2024

Rotating camera that describes what it sees with the use of AI.

“Surveillance Speaker ” is an installation about surveillance and artificial intelligence. The artwork showcases in a critical way the latest breakthroughs in computer vision software.

“Surveillance Speaker” exists out of a camera, computer and speaker. Through the speaker we hear what the camera sees in a sentence that starts with “I see..”. For example: “I see 3 people in an exhibition watching paintings”. The audience can interact in a playful way how a computer can see. The Surveillance Speaker was exhibited in- and outdoor.

Changelog of the installation:
v1. Release at FOMU Antwerp
v2. Added motor that can pan/tilt

v3. Update software + painted black

Commissioned by

  • FOMU Antwerp

Supported by

  • And Festival in Leuven