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Dries Depoorter
Born in Belgium
Living online in Ghent

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Surveillance Speaker

“Surveillance Speaker” is an installation about surveillance and artificial intelligence.

The artwork showcases in a critical way the latests breakthroughs in computer vision software. “Surveillance Speaker” exist out of a camera, computer and speaker.

Though the speaker we hear what the camera sees in a sentence that starts with “I see..”.

For example: “I see 3 people in an exhibition watching paintings”

The audience can interact in a playful way how a computer can see. The Surveillance Speaker was exhibited in exhibitions in and outdoor.

How do you look in the eyes of a surveillance camera that can speak?

“Surveillance Speaker” is supported by FOMU Antwerp.

The installation is currently exhibited at FOMU Antwerp and was also exhibited at And& Festival in Leuven.